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Event Detail(Eng ver.)

1F:Honey Marche

10/23(Sun).24(Mon) 12:00~18:00

PR Booths of Companies Enriching HONEYCON`s Main Floor.


2F:Bee Stage

10/23(Sun) 13:00~17:20

10/24(Mon) 12:00~18:30

A Starge for Web3 and NFT Companies with Project Pitches.

3F:Amusement Lounge

10/23(Sun).24(Mon) 12:00~17:30

​Drink and Food is Served.Amusement and Community Space for Everyone to Enjoy.

4F:Executive Room

10/23(Sun).24(Mon) 12:00~18:00


Comcept and VIP Rooms for NFT Related Projects.

5F:Creator Land

10/24(Mon) 12:00~18:00


An Art Exibition by NFT Creators and Projects in Japan.

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